Nerses Barsoumian

History: It is all started when young Nerses took an apprenticeship role at his uncle shop in 1962. His uncle upholstery shop worked on cars, which are called ‘vintage’ today, coming from Armenian background and skills and trade was on honour and pride.
With no time wasted Nerses was able to learn the foundation of the trade and worked at the same factory until he was 18. At age 21, after serving the military service, he managed to borrow £40,000 to start his own business in 1971. His love to cars was so great, which inspires him to produce and restore interiors of cars that everyone talked about. People with passion in car all wanted their cars to be worked on only by Nerses and his reputation has reached nationwide in such small car industry.
His attitudes to cars have never changed through war. For him, work is holly and quality is a must. He has trained his staff to work on perfection or not to do it at all.

After two decades, his reputation went across border to Jordan, where the late King Hussain, a car collector of more than few dozens of classic and vintage cars, lived. He was called to undertake interior restoration of very rare… in six months restoration period and work closely with personal skills to restore the King’s cars. During the restoration, he had insisted to manage and keep close eyes on the progress by himself. When it was all finished and the car was restored to the finest quality and detail, Nerses was continuously asked to provide his skills and experience to restore all the ongoing restorations upon the ….. A new era started in Jordan and lasted until 2001, when Nerses decided to move to Australia to provide better future for his family. He established a company called Balmain Trimming in 2001 until when the operating premises was sold in 2006 and new profile was born called Car Interior Plus.