High-Quality Leather Seats

Car Interior Plus is now offering quality leather seat replacement for all leading automotive brands.


Complete leather seat cover package starting from $4,950.00. Fill the form below to enquire.


Image 1Quality Material

Genuine Italian Leather

Image 2Warranty Coverage

We’ve got you covered

Image 3Stylish

Easy to style

Image 4Comfort

Extra Foam Added

Image 5Durability

10 Years of Endurance

Image 6Safety

Inspection Certified


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Nappa Leather

When only the best matters, our Premium Nappa is a natural choice. It’s soft and
amazingly durable, with a subtle texture that helps bring prominence to any
design element you add such as contrast or pattern stitching.

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Nappa Leatherette

Nappa Leatherette is used as a complimentary fashion insert or a
full upholstery cover over the seats. Texture is similar to suede
and has the same non-glossy quality, making it a favorite for
use in high-performance cars.

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The more pronounced grain gives a visual identity and texture typically found
on classic leather.
It feels great to the touch and looks outstanding in any type of vehicle.
Like Nappa leather, it is easy to clean and just as durable.

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Vinyl has gone a long way in terms of replicating genuine leather. Not
only does it have the similar soft and luxury feel of real leather,
but durable and with consistent texture.